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'Mademoiselle' Flower Diffuser

'Mademoiselle' Flower Diffuser

SKU: 3997

This Diffuser is inspired by a well-known ladies fragrance. Combining a mixture of fresh Orange scents, Roses and Jasmine. This combination of fresh scents, combine with Vetiver and Patchouli.


Made using high-quality fragrance oil and a base made from a renewable source our Mademoiselle flower Diffuser will delight you every time you walk into the room!


  • Handmade using quality fragrance oils and base
  • Releases fragrance between 1 & 2 months 
  • Hand Poured in the UK
  • Recyclable Glass Container with plastic cap
  • Approx. 100ml


Visit Dilecta's website ( for usage instructions, ingredients used etc.

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